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What we do

PickWerk GmbH is a technology supplier for Industry 4.0 solutions from Nuremberg, Germany. Based on a highly innovative method for the localization of workers' hands, we reveal new potential in numerous applications. We help you to digitalize your process.

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Use cases

Assembly workplace

With the PickWerk technology retrofitted to assembly workplaces, the workers can always be sure to assemble the correct part in the correct order. The wearable on their wrist automatically detects which part they take. Worker assistance systems are automatically controlled through hand gestures.

Order picking

Combined with a picking guidance system like pick-by-light or pick-by-vision and connected to an ERP system, the PickWerk technology addresses the order picking process as a whole. The picker is told where to pick from, the pick is automatically validated and entered into the ERP system. All that with a drastically lower error rate and higher efficiency.

Diagnostic and life science laboratories

The PickWerk technology digitalizes the processes in medical and biotechnology laboratories. Tracking of the workers' hands provides a means of automatic quality control.

Your benefits

Our system prevents picking errors before they happen while at the same time it reduces the duration for each pick your workers make.

This way we provide you with flexibility by keeping the necessary training for picking workers at a minimum, while still reducing errors and increasing overall efficiency. Seasonal variations in the workload can thus easily be handled by temporary workers with no prior experience.

The flexibility to adapt our system to inventory changes is unique. Assortment changes can easily be addressed in software with no additional installation work necessary.

Error prevention

  • Reduce follow-up costs
  • Increase production quality
  • Improve your customer relationship
  • Reduce complex return and replacement processes

Automatic acknowledgement

  • Save time with every pick
  • Simplify the process for your workers
  • Keep workers' hands free while picking
  • Increased hygiene as no buttons have to be pushed
  • Increased working ergonomics as no scanners have to be carried
  • No stock shortfall as no pick confirmation can be forgotten


PickWerk GmbH

Oedenberger Str. 159
90491 Nuremberg

+49 159 0642 9648